Bonded Inspections has been performing Concrete X-ray and Ground Penetrating Radar since 1995. The inspection of concrete for rebar, post tension, and conduit location is a vital must for contractors that have to core or cut through concrete slabs.

The use of Concrete X-ray for volumetric inspections on concrete slab is unparalleled in accuracy when it comes to PT Cable and conduit location. The customer always receives both the report and film along with all locations marked for ease of choosing drilling locations.

When accessibility to one side of a concrete slab becomes an issue due to a gradient, Ground Penetrating Radar serves its purpose. This method of locating items in a slab is perfect for those situations where the grade creates only one available side.

And after 8 successful years and many customer inquiries, we have also begun to perform Concrete Coring. Since then, the concrete side of our business has been thriving and is making a name for itself as a leader in the concrete inspection industry.

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