There has been several companies stating that GPR and X-Ray are the same thing. They are not. Also they are not interchangeable, nor do they produce the same quality inspection. GPR is cheaper. You get what you pay for. Although there are advantages to GPR and times that GPR will work, x- ray has proven over and over again that it is the testing method of choice.

The accuracy of the GPR test is not nearly as high as that of the x-ray, but does not require people to be cleared from the testing site. Due to lack of access to both sides of the slab GPR is the preferred method for inspecting slab on grade.

X- ray provides a permanent record of the tested area, with a high resolution image that can be stored either via hard copy or digitally. The images on the piece of film will clearly display any pipes, rebar, conduit, or post tension cables that may be in a concrete slab.

The main misconception about x-ray is the distance that people should be cleared. Many people are surprised by small amount of area (50 ft. – 100 ft.) that is needed to safely conduct an x-ray inspection. Many companies try to show photos of x-ray technicians in full hazmat suits, which grossly exaggerates the facts and creates fear in customers. To combat these false beliefs, feel free to contact us at 972-276-0846 or email us at [email protected]

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